Sustainable Event Solutions

Sustainable Event Solutions – the sustainability partner network for your event

Innovative – efficient – sustainable

The conservation of resources, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and greater social responsibility – all cornerstones of sustainability – have become a matter of course for many organisations. Improvements in sustainability are demanded by a wide array of stakeholders, and we must all strive to make changes in ‘business as usual.’

Sustainable Event Solutions was formed by a network of partners (POOLgroup, First Climate AG and Stefan Lohmann) to help event organizers meet their sustainability goals with an integrated solution. Leveraging the strengths amongst the team, Sustainable Event Solutions can help event organizers achieve their goals for a sustainable event in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Sustainable Event Solutions’ mission is to facilitate the launch of successful sustainable events.

Sustainability and profitability are not mutually exclusive

On the contrary, Sustainable Event Solutions recognizes the potential for cost savings, and can help position sustainability as a high profile for an event’s attendees and in media coverage.

Sustainable Event Solutions offers individualized and innovative solutions sustainability and management challenges in the event sector. Whether as general contractor or as an integral part of production – Sustainable Event Solutions can integrate smoothly into the planning and implementation process.

Sustainable Event Solutions’ growing portfolio of projects includes: Live Entertainment concepts, the purchase of Live Entertainment, sound, light, video, ticketing / guest management, tour concepts, special effects, logistics, safety concepts, media cooperation, environmental management, carbon footprinting, carbon reduction and carbon compensation, green energy, …

Sustainable Event Solutionsis an innovative and efficient network for customers who desire more than just an event.


About POOLgroup:
POOLgroup has helped to realize nearly 10.000 events in its 35 years in business. Primary client types include: both one-off entertainment shows and tours, political and cultural events, industry events and more, in Germany and all around the world. POOLgroup is well-connected with professional partners on site – wherever an event takes place.

Innovation is an important incentive for us to establish new opportunities for our customers. Due to our interest in being an early mover of new technologies, we work hard to remain on the cutting edge (e.g. LED lighting). Yet innovation goes further than the adoption of new technology. It is our aspiration to create experiences which leave a lasting impression on our customers.

Our formula for success lies in team work. We consider our client relationships as partnerships and adopt their goals as our own. Internally, we believe that competence is a result of a strong team. This is why all management positions are filled with permanent employees. In this manner, experience and know-how are passed on to young employees – and continuously benefit our customers.  

About First Climate:
First Climate – committed to green energy and the protection of climate and water resources.

With over fifteen years of experience and more than 500 large and medium-sized clients, First Climate is a leading service provider in the fields of green energy, carbon neutrality and water management.

First Climate helps companies and organizations to achieve their sustainability and environmental objectives. The cooperation with our customers is based on a concept: success for customers and commitment to green energy and climate protection are the basis of a successful business model. First Climate offers climate neutral and water services for customers, green electricity and climate neutral gas products for energy provider and municipal works as well as consulting in the areas climate, water and energy efficient IT.

All our products are verified to the highest industry standards and maximize ecological benefit. TÜV North annually verifies the management of our carbon offsets.  

About Stefan Lohmann:
Stefan Lohmann – Talent Buyer & Booking Agent offers his customers direct access to national and international stars and shows – transparent and on a joint basis.
As an Artist Relations Manager, Stefan Lohmann works among others for the “Deutsche Nachhaltigkeitspreis” (German sustainability award), as well as for the biggest German Event: New Year’s Eve at the Brandenburg Gate – for the ZDF – with one million spectators and more than five million television viewers.

Custom Made Shows – Stefan Lohmann can fulfill almost any request due to his direct access to actors, dancer, choreographer, singer, musicians, bands, orchestras, and more. In his words: “What doesn’t exit will be created.” His shows are sold worldwide.

The sustainable Berlin Show Orchestra is a result of Stefan Lohmann’s concept. It includes everything from music, show contents, acrobatics, emcees, after show parties, booking, to the entourage of international stars and their arrangements.

Together with Jörg Mandt (chief editor and consultant at Burda, Bauer Media Group, Bild, Condé Nast, Klampt press), Stefan Lohmann launched, the concert series Festivals in Concert as part of the Bad Hersfelder festivals. All concerts were sold within several hours in 2016.
Together with the network partner First Climate Markets AG, Stefan Lohmann helped the PRG Live Entertainment Award to become climate neutral.